CRAFT – Community Resilience through Action for Future Transitions


Wildman, P. and Prentice, J. (2011). New Magazine Proposal: CRAFT – Community Renewal: Artificing Futures Transitions. Brisbane, The Kalgrove Institute: 30pgs.

The Kalgrove Institute and the Brisbane Hot Futures Group present

a new eZine Proposal

Editorial Board extract
contents only full copy available on request

eZine title:

Primary meaning

CRAFT - Community Renewal: Artificing Futures Transition

Secondary meaning:

CRAFT - could mean Critical Futures Practice 

eZine website:

Primary meaning as per above – crafters circle (to include Learning Circles) BETA only launch date late 2011

eZine ISBN: 978-1-875603-17-6. Registered 10-09-2011

Theme: Theme: This e-zine/e-magazine seeks to link the humanities and social sciences through ‘hands on’ projects and learning that listen to and act with the silenced voices and invisible practices in our culture so that we can demonstrate today a better tomorrow is possible for our children and our planet.

Annie Richards

Anne Richards is an Adjunct Research Fellow with Griffith University.
My work covers a wide range of writing and research interests including
Contemporary Publishing, History of Newspapers, Communication,
Journalism, News and Politics, Australian Literature, Cultural Studies
and Cultural Policy. I am passionate about creative thinking and the
world of ideas and practical ways of helping the world. She is
committed to lifelong learning, hopefully never to retire – dreary thought.
The best is around that corner which then always leads to another corner.

Irene Brown

Irene Brown Science-Art artist, community educator with her Castle
on the Hill Adult Learning Centre Uki NSW -  business woman –proprietor
of Castle on the Hill B&B/wedding venue and art studio.  Registered Nurse
specialising in ICU Operating Theaters. Graduate of Robert Kyosaki's
Business School for Entrepreneurs and Chris Howard's Entrepreneur
Boot camp, community educator with her Castle on the Hill Adult
Learning Centre Uki NSW - business woman –
Castle on the Hill B&B - -

Bob Dick

Associate Professor Bob Dick is an independent scholar,
an occasional academic, and a consultant in the fields
of community and organisational change.
He uses action research and action learning to help
others (and himself) improve their practice.

Independent scholar;

Peter Gray

Peter Gray is an independent filmmaker, and an award-winning
director of photography, with a career spanning 40 years
with international experience across four continents,
Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA. Graduate
of the Australian Film and Television School (1975-1977).
Has lived and worked in Brisbane and Sydney (Australia),
Penang (Malaysia), Berlin (Germany),
Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and Seoul and Pusan (Korea).  
Currently domicile in Los Angeles, California. <>

(1).   The Battle For Bowen Hills (21 minutes)
(2).   The Stream   (8' 10’)
(3).   1967 Qld Civil Liberties March   (10' 17’) -

Susan Groff

Susan Goff is a participatory systems facilitator, co-designing and facilitating participatory forms of
inquiry to support social and organisational change to redress significant threats to social and environmental sustainability.  Since 1991, Susan has run her own consultancy, specialising in participatory action research, action learning and participatory evaluation in service to sustainability issues such as community safety, family violence prevention, Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander self-determination, first world poverty, carbon reduction, and sustainability.  Being a Social Ecologist (Masters App Sci) Dr Groff uses
this framework in her theorising and practice. Working across domains she believes that participatoryknowledge and praxis co-production is the principle means by which humanity can fundamentally save itself. See:

Susan has been a returning Visiting Fellow to the Social and Organisational Learning and Action Research Centre at the University of West England, has just stepped down from four years as President of the Action Learning and Action Research Association, and is currently serving as the Association’s Managing Editor. Susan is committed to the two moral obligations of Aboriginal de-colonisation and surviving climate change as fundamental to socio-ecological sustainability in our times.  Susan agrees with Lewin’s claim, that there is nothing more practical than a good theory. Visit her website:

Iona Miller

Artificer, researcher and Author. USA Hypnotherapist, Iona Miller is a researcher, filmmaker, and popular writer in future science, investigative science, intelligence and esoterics. She analyses the collective psyche and cultural effects of geopolitics, religion, science, art and psychology. She fuses wedging and culture jamming into documentary and art films. The ‘spy-whisperer’ has appeared in Nexus and Paranoia, authored several books and international publications. A futurist, analyst, and consultant, specialties of this ‘Meta Hari’ include social engineering, pop culture, pop physics and psychology, media ecology, psi research, esoteric espionage, New Age critique, cults, PSYOPS, mind control countermeasures, creativity, mind-body, well-being, and extraordinary human capacities. In an arena in which it is nearly impossible to unravel ‘the truth,’ rather than being interested in un-provable minutiae or untraceable connections, she analyses general trends visible to all with a startling, unique viewpoint.

Charles Mercieca

President of the International Association of Educators for World Peace an NGO accredited by the UN.

Michael Monterey

Pracademic researcher – USA - Custom green design, millennial sustainability, elegant livability, alternative education -

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy is a modest man, with much to be modest about. He started his working career as a software developer, using the power of C and C++ to bind computers to his will. However, after eight years of it, he decided to follow a woman he was seeing to Việt Nam. To pass the time, he took up ESL teaching. The relationship ended but the profession remained, because there was a great deal of demand for learning the English language over there. He met another woman while in the country, got married (as you do), and returned to Australia with her. He started a Dip Ed., then stopped, and did system analysis for some time.

Peter’s dream job is to teach IT. If that’s not available, he likes to put websites together. As far as he sees it, there’s more potential viewers that desktop applications, you don’t need to worry about what operating systems they’re running, and informing people is just as simple as sending them an URL. He prefers the Django web framework, but is not adverse to wrangling and wrestling with WordPress.

When not coding, Peter likes reading, listening to music (preferably live) and playing the bass guitar. He also likes writing, when he has the time. However, he hates writing about himself in the third person. Peter lives with his wife, An, in West End, but has no children. He does have one dog, Timpani, but due to Australia’s quarantine restrictions, she remains in Sài Gòn with his father in law.

Peter Murphy can be contacted on He has his own website:

Note: Peter Murphy would like to acknowledge Dolph Cooke’s role in setting up and initialising CRAFT’s installation of WordPress.

Cameron Neil

Consultant, and co-founder of Brisbane Hot Futures Group , organiser and activist with particular focus on youth praxis and fair trade. Entrepreneur and strategist, interested in building (or tweaking) markets, institutions and networks to achieve more good for people and planet.

Jim Prentice

Dr Jim Prentice ~ co-editor of this eZine, Independent Scholar, sociologist and historian . Community worker in social and political campaigns in the public sphere, Jim has worked in grass roots organizations over most of his adult life. Currently teaching at Griffith University in Australian Identity and Culture and in Post –War social movements, his specialty is public and social life and the many ways people find to exert their needs This is despite a decline in their interactions with formal democratic practices , and their distance from the cultural norms of politics and from its interest-narrowed outputs. His work is published in Queensland Review and he has given several conference papers and many talks to conferences celebrating and understanding resistive

Daryl Taylor

With more than 20 years working in community and organisational development roles, integralevolution founder, Daryl Taylor, has had significant ‘whole systems’ coherent partnerships facilitation and complex project leadership experience. Daryl’s participatory planning, anticipatory action research, and organisational and community development work has been formally acknowledged with seven state and national innovation and best practice awards and commendations. His practice features prominently in VicHealth’s Local Government Good Practice Resource ‘Leading the Way

Paul Taylor

Dr Paul Taylor ~ former NASA scientist and author and business operator Bed and Breakfast - -
See: Taylor, P., Ed. (2010). The Biochar Revolution: Transforming Agriculture and Environment. Victoria - Australia: Global Publishing Group. 364pgs.

Paul Wildman

because learning can be fun

Dr Paul Wildman has a long background in praxis and futures so CRAFT is a ‘natural’. He has published over a hundred books, CD’s and articles on Futures and in particualr a form of practical futuring he calls Futuring or CRAFT arenas inc. building his boat (as assistant) as proof positive of the lived life of an artificer. As an academic he develoepd theworlds first online Masters speciality in Futures Studies. Further he concretises this Futuring even further in to the Artificer or more commonly known as ‘Austrlaian Bush Mechanic’. This has been carried through into his business, which he runs with his wife, in the ‘Kids in Active Learning’ play based program. Independent pracademic Kids and Adults Learning

David Wyatt

Dr. David Wyatt ~ Adjunct Professor in BioBusiness Faculty of Science, Queensland University of Technology. Email: