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CRAFTCommunity Resilience through Action for Future Transitions

Because our future is in our hands


Issue 4: May 2013

Transhumanism (TH) is the movement to use technology (mainly in the areas of life sciences, alternative energies, and computer science) to challenge biological limitations and eventually find solutions to such limitations. It is often linked with the idea that science and technology can be used to continually improve the human condition. Examples of TH include artificial intelligence, cryogenics, space colonization, cloning, medical implants, cyborgs, cognitive enhancement, life extension, defect elimination (form of eugenics) and so on. With its current momentum, TH will directly impact your grandchildren before 2030. We need to intelligently explore and critically assess a wide range of issues directly and indirectly related to TH......and this edition of CRAFT aims to do precisely this.

How to lift the lid on Pandora's box.....

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