Featured Link of the Issue: Post Pressed

Post Pressed

Every issue of CRAFT will have a featured link – an URL to a site we think is worthy of publicity — and we have chosen Post Pressed as first off the block.

Post Pressed is a quality small-scale publisher now operating from the sylvan surrounds of the slopes of Mount Gravatt, to the south of Brisbane.

John Knight, the manager of Post Pressed, is a retired academic and long-standing poetry, short story and literary review editor of the journal Social Alternatives, and co-editor of the Australian haiku journal, Paper Wasp. He brings to publishing a unique understanding of literary authors, their needs and the challenges of the marketplace.

With the use of current technology, Post Pressed can produce runs of books which are not feasible for most large commercial publishers. From 50 to 500 or more copies can be produced with modest substantial difference in unit costs, whilst subsequent runs cost less due to no further setup costs. It is therefore particularly attractive to authors of specialist works or those with intrinsic worth but for which the market is limited.

Post Pressed handles both “Literary” and “Academic” titles, with the latter dealing in areas such as Education and Indigenous Issues. For example, it has published many of the books in the Contesting Colonialism: Indigenous Knowledge and Indigenous Research series.


There are several reasons we chose Post Pressed as CRAFT’s Inaugural Featured Link. Running a small business is never the easiest job, so anyone doing so is worthy of respect. John Knight is a top bloke, as both Paul Wildman and Peter Murphy would attest. Both arguments would be good enough to give it the gong, but we want to add another reason at the end.

Without Post Pressed, it is possible that there would be no CRAFT at all – or merely CRAFT delayed by months or years. Paul had been friends with John since the late 1970’s, while Peter had been managing the Post Pressed website, but both Paul and Peter were complete strangers to each other until October of this year. Paul had been envisioning CRAFT for years, but was stumped at finding a website developer. Fortunately, John Knight knew someone that was good at this website business. He could make introductions. He could distribute email addresses. So he did.

It would be a cheap false cliche to finish with “And so CRAFT was born”, because CRAFT has been 20 years in the making. “And so CRAFT was implemented” may be closer to the truth… especially in time for Christmas.

All praise to John Knight and the business he runs: Post Pressed.

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