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The following flyers and information were produced in July 2011. Stick around for upcoming Biochar events in 2012!

Today we introduce Biochar as a serious option for carbon sequestration in Australia. Action Learning Circles for Transforming Agriculatuer and Evnrionment through the production, distribution and use of Biochar.

We have put our heads together and have seen that to help get the message out wide and clear we need a package with three integrated things to maximise the impact and reach of Biochar. In fact Tim Flannery sees Biocarbon as nothing less than a magic pudding

What does the Learning Circle kit include?

At this seminar we are pleased to announce the launch of our threefold Learning Circle package comprising:

  1. An invitation to a series of practical DIY Learning Circles based on the book and aimed to help you action Biochar by Paul Wildman
  2. An invitation to visit the Biochar Education Facility to see and feel Biochar at work by Dolph Cooke, here with your barista of black, you can make your own ‘magic pudding’
  3. Paul Taylor’s text The Biochar Revolution – transforming agriculture and environment

What do you get in detail

We welcome and encourage participation in our offering, and through the Learning Circles process you can interface the text and the field and help yourself as well as friends and family learn while having some fun and getting your hands black!!

  • With the learning circles you can gain from interactions with others working on the same project, facilitation assistance and of course mentoring from both Paul’s both electronically and face to face. This is a great opportunity to help us co-author. Learning Circles are very well known in Europe and now more widely in Australia as a vital part of Adult Learning and Community Education.
  • With the project at the Biochar Education Facility you can get a ‘hands on’ experience of making a retort and use this to make your own Biochar.
  • With the book you get a substantial discount for the critically acclaimed basic reference text that is now selling widely across the world.

So won’t you please join us now in working with Biochar to help make a better world for our children? They deserve nothing less.

This is an action learning process for us all so we can offer these three in a heavily discounted package for $75 or $50 for unwaged

Paul (Learning Circles are GO!) Wildman –

Dolph (your Charmaster) Cooke –

Paul (Rocket Scientist) Taylor –

These Learning circles are endorsed by:

~ Study Circles Australia ~

~ The Millennium Project ~ The Australian Node – Global Futures Studies & Research –

~ The Bush Mechanics and Artificers Guild of Australia ~

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