Publications: CRAFT anticipates, should it be successful, encouraging and supporting a plethora of publications formats styles and genres from music to art to craft to hand work to volk philosophy etc.

Speaking: The founding editors are available for interviews, workshops and speaker engagements. Please contact us if you have such a proposal.

Workshops, Learning Circles, Exemplar Projects and Sauvage craft: We can also design and deliver generic and also tailored workshops etc.

Learning Design: Pre-Primary-Secondary-Adult Education: CRAFT is deeply committed to the re-integration and re-membering of CRAFT as a vital part of the above education streams. We believe our learning systems locate between education and training and we are happy to help you design, develop and implement them. Such a ‘third path’ is, we believe, vital for assisting many of us as students gain deeper understanding of the systems we are studying as well as achieving our potential within an efficacious resilient and locally responsive economy.

Craft-tank: In effect we are a think and do tank of people and processes that can provide policy and strategic suggestions and assist you to rethink redo an issue to be capable of being addressed through CRAFT.

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  1. Iona says:

    Thinktanks work when people do, hands-on as well as mindsharing. Sometimes the simplest of suggestions can spark a brainstorm in another that sets a whole process in motion. CRAFT is a wonderful opportunity to spark others into new hot futures using their own time-tested and unique solutions. Take the time to share your thoughts, because often we are doing more than we realize when we do so.

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