About CRAFT: Community Resilience through Action for Future Transitions

Welcome to CRAFT – an online magazine where crafters of materials turn to crafting deeds and words. We hope you enjoy the experience! CRAFT is an eZine where we can all can publish and edit for our friends, family and community. If you wish, you can contribute a topic or theme for a given issue.

CRAFT is designed as a Peer 2 Peer mentored and reviewed publishing platform. Please let us have your thoughts and ideas and suggestions for future editions.

Our Vision

Primarily our vision is one of a ‘practical hope’ through helping us as spectators, readers and/or digerati learn towards an embodied, thoughtful, critical, practical, empowered, interpersonal and experimental attitude. As such, this is the opposite of the illusionary and environmentally destructive stance we see even in our own back yards today with our dependent consumerism.

CRAFT’s mission is to publish work that is primarily visual and can provide practical hope, is innovative and developed within practice that is grounded. The focus of such critical practice is to include a significant ‘hands on’ component and include reprise and reflections thereon. Generally such praxis is based on a completed (exemplar) project. Each publication will have a theme1 around this focus potentially drawing on a range of engagement with CRAFT.

Our Aims

  1. CRAFTing Futures Nature can live with – through CRAFT – Community Resilience through Action for Future Transitions
  2. This e-zine/e-magazine seeks to link the humanities/social sciences with hard sciences through, ‘hands on’ projects and associated learning that demonstrate practically today that a better world is possible tomorrow for our children with planet
  3. To listen to and give a site for the silenced voices and invisible practices in a praxis of hope that can help our culture be sustainable
  4. Our principal aim is for readers/surfers/authors who are learned in the school of life/hard knocks/unschooled in the conventional sense so to speak yet deeply learned and practical yet with few if any degrees or training diplomas.
  5. Crafters connecting in a circle of practice and learning – a community of praxis.
  6. To link with initiatives such as Transition Towns, PowerDown, Permaculture, Zero Emissions Living Economies etc.

NB: The magazine is a PF & NFP – Public Domain and Not For Profit exercise

Our Costs

CRAFT is free to all with special offers to subscribers. It is paid for in federal dollars and local currency (LETS) by the founders Paul Wildman and Jim Prentice, with in kind web work by Peter Murphy. We ask in return that you respect the authorship of the article and eZine and, like a good pizza, pass on the recommendation. From time to time there may be ‘appropriate’ advertising which could generate some income.

CRAFT is looking to sponsorship from those able to help without expectation of favoritism. We expect to make any supporters public unless compelling reasons prevail. We will invite your comment and the voting rights gained by contribution should such cases arise.

Our History

The CRAFT ‘idea’ has been about 20 years in the making for Paul Wildman and has gone through various permutations and combinations before landing on CRAFT. Essentially all of these p&cs are about anchoring text inc. visually, in P2P experience not the other way round in a way that is intellectually rigorous and replicable – a community of practice so to speak from our ‘co-authoring’ readers.

For Jim Prentice, CRAFT is a chance to join the headlands of the urban centres to the heartslands of the suburban backblocks. He took the opportunity to join Paul and modestly refashion and develop his ideas for an Ezine about the hand, about materials and about techniques that deal with them both. Chiro or hand practice is no stranger to an ex Naturopath!

For both Paul and Jim, CRAFT is head, heart and hand. If two so different people can find agreement, we think it’s not so impossible with other contributors – hopefully including you!. For this reason, we are building an online prototype that will get reality tested. The goal is a human and nature centred future.

Our Future

Our intent is to commit for a setup period of 3 months then a proof of concept period of three years. If CRAFT should prove successful then within this longer period we intend to set up a CRAFTy vignette series, provide avenues to promote industrial and other forms of CRAFT art, and provide a (a)venue for those interested in publishing eBooks etc. in the genre of CRAFT (please see footnote under ‘Our Vision’).

1 CRAFTwork viz. CRAFT’ing, CRAFT’er, and others: CRAFT’y vignettes, CRAFTy’learning, artyCRAFTy, CRAFT’work, CRAFT’techne, CRAFTe’Books, CRAFTy’life, greenCRAFT, handCRAFT, CRAFT’animation, CRAFTy’potlatch, sauvage’CRAFT’ing, bricoleur’CRAFT’er, airCRAFT, permaCRAFT, landCRAFT, seaCRAFT, musiCRAFT, bushCRAFT, volkCRAFTwerker, CRAFTartificer, museCRAFT, CRAFT(h)activism, physioCRAFT, bioCRAFT, memeoCRAFT, futureCRAFT, hyperCRAFT, CRAFTfutures, post-apocalypseCRAFT, CRAFTy’nomics and CRAFTzEine etc.

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    Spread the good news of CRAFT like butter to all relevant green sites, zines, bloggers; get the good word out.

  2. Debra Beattie says:

    Ooops – the website works (not wroks) well – not sure about me :)

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